Industrial Auditing Union
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Full range of audit and related services for these areas:

Task of providing confidence:

• audit of historical financial information, including financial reporting;

• a review of historical financial information, in particular the financial statements of companies;

• confirmation of the reliability of financial reporting issuer.

Task of providing certainty, non-audit or analysis of historical financial information:

• conformity assessment activities of the enterprise requirements of the legislation (tax, customs, economy, etc.);

• assessment (testing) system reliability of accounting;

• implementation of custom calculations (economic, financial, strategic and other types of analysis) to assess the status and results of operations;

• inspection forma financial information;

• other tasks that are executed as the job of providing certainty.

Related services, certain International Standards related services:

• agreed procedures in respect of financial information;

• the task of preparing financial information.

Other professional services:

• advice on taxation issues, including the organization of tax accounting and tax reporting;

• provision of outsourcing services;

• consolidation of financial statements;

• transformation of reporting on other than apply the conceptual framework;

• subscription services for tax and accounting;

• tax planning and tax optimization;

• representing the interests of the customer on accounting, auditing, taxation, in government or in court;

• legal support for business customers;

• business analysis and evaluation;

• evaluation investment attractiveness enterprises, existence of tax, credit and other risks;

•  determination of a fair market value of the investment object;

• provision of intellectual services to manufacturers, sellers, buyers (advice and recommendations) on various aspects of industrial activity, finance, foreign trade activities.

• choice of accounting policies;

• accounting organization;

• other advice on accounting and reporting.

Advice on accounting and financial reporting:
• formulation of and compliance with accounting methodology;